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Name of Mountain

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Round Trip (Km)

Elevation Gain (m)

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  577 22-Jan-23 Kent Ridge South 2322 10.45 857 5.5 Nugara Hiking Kananaskis
  578 22-Jan-23 South Kent Ridge 2514 10.45 857 5.5 Nugara Post-Holing Kananaskis

Note: Distances/elevation gains are approximate. As well distances/elevation gain for multi-peak trips are for the full trip not the individual peak. Distances/elevation gain for trips that say (from somewhere) are only the distance from that somewhere. To get to that somewhere is not listed anywhere.  See the backpacking trip list to see if the trip was a backpack, then its distance/elevation might be a lie on this sheet (or rather for only one of multiple days). The backpacking list will have the total distance/elevation gain on it. This is because I've taken this info off my spreadsheet and cannot be bothered to fix it up into a more user friendly format for these types of trips. Perhaps I will later... if I feel like it.

Next Note: Obviously how I pick "real" mountains is a bit arbitrary. The foothills and such are obviously not "mountains", but where to draw the line? It generally follows that the trip must have at least 800 meters elevation gain (from the road, not from the bivy) + a certain elevation gain from any col with another peak (local relief) + looks like a "Mountain" (steepness of slopes etc). There are a few exceptions in there though.