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After dodging cows, wandering through the swamp, finding the cut block, picking the wrong road off of it, and ending up too near Ware Creek, I finally just stomped up to the ridge. Reading instructions sux. Just go the way that makes sense...

The weather didn't look good, but that just meant it was foothill time for me. I more or less randomly chose one I hadn't done yet, and off I went.

I got lost trying to get onto the ridge on ascent, but descent was great. The sun came out and it felt like it was only shinning on me (probably because it was more or less true). The lighting was magical, making even the forested trail beautiful. If only you didn't have to dodge cows and go through the swamp to get to it.

Theme music for this ascent (songs stuck in my head): Agalloch's The Mantle (the whole album). Yes it was a black metal sort of day. Winter does that to me.