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The ladder at the end of the first logging road. After parking at the current trail head you go up a short distance on a little trail. Then descend to the left down a logging road to this point.

It was time for my annual West Kootenay road trip. I'd picked the largest day trip peak left in the book (Where the Locals Hike in the West Kooenay) as my main objective. It was a long day, but a great one. Lyle Creek Basin and Lakes was very beautiful. Everything I love about the West Kootenays, and am willing to drive so far for.

The book is wrong about the current road situation though. The Rossiter Creek FSR does not have any waterbars for the 7km you follow it for. It is a very easy road, not too rocky, and hardly any potholes. All junctions are signed except for the one before the bridge. The access to this peak is very easy currently. It was the easiest road I drove all weekend. But more about that in the other reports.