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Getting out of the trees and looking up into the cloud. We got ahead of at least one big group at a creek crossing down below.

The weather was originally supposed to be better in the south, so we drove down and on the way dropped off Keara at Bev's. When we got to the mountain it was in a cloud, but the weather held off from raining when we were on the mountain, and even cleared up by the time we got down. The major crux on this mountain is the rockfall caused by all the people who climb it. It is still not quite in condition, we had snow in some places. It probably made the start of the gully easier, but the dampness at the top of the gully past the chain was not welcome. Glad we made it, at times I thought we should turn around, but we continued and didn't get hit by rocks through sheer luck and the little planned timing that we could do.