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You cross two avy paths on the initial ski in. So not one to do in the spring and/or high avy conditions. Also don't stop and take pictures like me.

Had to get out for a cross country ski this weekend since its my new fav. After much internal debate, the blue skies decided for me and I went back into Banff to do this long trail.
The park only tracks to the junction with Pharaoh Creek - according to their website. However the ACC had been snowmobiling and skiing in and out of the lodge they now run, so it was all tracked and packed down right to the cabins. Then there was a good trail to the lake. Very easy except for the death hill right at the junction. Which I would not recommend - I had to carefully walk on one side. I fell going UP, never mind going down.
A gorgeous day in an amazing place. The best part was - didn't see anybody other than 1 dude on my way out.