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Crossing a stream in between two cutblocks on a "short cut" I took to avoid elevation loss and regain on the ATV track.

Mount Barwell: A long walk up a low foothill.

After my Wapta Traverse was postponed I was quite disappointed / frustrated. I know when we do go conditions will be sooo much better (and obviously much safer), but I was looking forward to a bit of time off work...

I had very low expectations of this hike which entailed alternatively taking ATV and gas well roads to a viewless summit. But sometimes when you have super low expectations, that is fianlly when you can really enjoy hikes like this.

The fact that it was finally warm outside (+11 most of the day), and I could walk around in just my merino despite a strong wind, completely made up for the hike itself. Nothing could stop my happiness over the weather. Not the iced over ATV track. Not my ridiculous "shortcut", side-hilling along a deer trail and wallowing through two cut-blocks. Not the muddy gas well road. Not even the view-less summit. Not returning by the horrible steep up and down part of the ATV track (freshly used), that I'd avoided by my detour. Not even the slightly concerning sound of gunshots as I returned, signalling that the primary users of this area were out and about. It was all amazing and awesome because it was finally warm!!