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Looking back towards Sunshine Ski area, after first getting out into southern Sunshine Meadows.

This trip was intended to be solo. As I'd avoid any slope over 25 degrees that wasn't windblown dry, and the avalanche hazard was low/low/low.

I'd pondered going all the way for Mt. Fatigue based on a recent trip report. With Quartz Hill as my backup (back up plans being essential for ideas you know are too crazy, but you can't help wishing you could do anyway). So I'd started out at 6:30am. By the time I'd gotten to this point I was absolutely sure I wasn't doing Fatigue for two reasons. One, I was moving much too slowly. It had taken me two full hours to get to the ski boundary just back there by the sign. The person in the trip report must be crazy fit to complete his time, plus it helps to ride the gondola. Second, it was much too cold for an epic. It was -15 in the morning, but felt like -20. The wind, though light, was extremely biting and it was easy to get chilled. Every time I pulled off my gloves to take a picture I could tell it was dangerously cold. So off to my backup plan. I had no real intention of making the true summit, as it looked too steep, but figured the false one would suit me just fine.