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The ascent gully from near side of Paradise Creek.

I've wanted to climb this peak since I saw Matt, Matt, and Mike's reports in 2015. When I saw Elizabeth's report recently it reminded me that I still had this on my to-do list. I'd been saving it for a day I was sure I could also ascend Haddo Peak. However, the parking lots of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are becoming more and more busy. Due to this, I figured the wait should be over (despite parking in Paradise Creek, you end up with the same problems), and I should give it a try finally. Thankfully the traverse to Haddo was easier than I expected! Which isn't to say it isn't an exposed moderate scramble, and an exposed glacier (but well above the bergschrund) climb. With all the obvious difficulties / hazards of such.

A bergschrund is the "crevasse that forms where moving glacier ice separates from the stagnant ice or firn above".

Steph Champs joined me on this trip. We managed to be ready to go in the parking lot at nearly the same time, despite driving separately and not really setting a meeting time. It was great to have company since I wasn't sure about doing the traverse to Haddo solo.