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Hiking along the trail, which follows Fifth Water Creek. Its a quite 4km and 238m up to the springs from the Three Forks trail head. It took my only 1h 10min to do the whole hike from the road closure.

On the 7th day of my 2nd southern road trip I decided to stop at this popular hot springs in Utah.

The trail head for Fifth Water Hot Springs is along the Diamond Fork Road.

The whole time I was planning this trip, I'd wished there was a way I could have avoided doing Fifth Water Hot Springs on a Saturday. I knew it would be crowded despite it being winter, and despite the road being closed a full 6km from the regular trail head. The parking lot had a few cars, but wasn't full this early in the day. So I started off. The road portion was a bit boring. Eventually I got to the Three Forks trail head, and turned off onto the actual trail. This was more pleasant to walk along. Though I was extremely glad I brought my icers, as two sections of the trail were sheer ice and looked very dangerous without them.