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This trip up Mount Haffner was a repeat for me. I'd already climbed it on snowshoes 3 years ago. Which is why you won't find this linked to the summit list. The reason I was on this trip is because it was kind of try-out, to see if I qualify for the Wapta. The leader of this trip is leading a Wapta traverse in March that I am trying to get on.

This was the route after the first ~200 meters when the up-track started to get easier to follow. The first ~200 meters were quite terrible in the trees, and then the burn with its fallen logs. The snow in that section (and everywhere really, but it did get better higher up) was horribly faceted and often didn't support our weight, even on skis. Every fallen tree, creek, and small sapling caused large air holes under them that you could easily get sucked into. I was super worried about skiing down that section, but it was much easier than I though and everything turned out fine.