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Trail. Its very long an very low angled. You see a lot of this on the way up.

First real hike after twisting/spraining my ankle! This was a long walk up to a named outlier of Mist Mountain near Highwood Pass. A large group from the CSMC had gone before us so it made it slightly easier since we followed their tracks.

I'd went to see my physiotherapist the day before and you should have seen the look on his face when I told him how far I wanted to walk today! He taped up my ankle so much, it was basically in a tape cast when I did this hike. Which did help my ankle a lot, because it kept it more stationary. I was still careful where I placed my foot though. Nice to get up another named summit. This hike got me over my previous best years total kilometers hiked. Can't wait to beat all my yearly stats this year, even with my inactivity for two weekends!