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Eisenhower Peak shows up as we enter a shallow gully.

This peak was Matt's idea for a winter ascent that Sandra and him could snowshoe up, and I could ski. It turned out really well, I just wish I was in better shape to enjoy the skiing.

We followed the Rockbound Lake trail until it turned northeast towards the lake. After about 600 meters along that, we turned off onto an obvious skin track. This crossed the creek in a good place, then split. We followed the right path which started ascending the ridge. Briefly entering this gully. I wouldn't have chosen that, but stability was great today below treeline. The whole snowpack being powder and facets.

The track eventually died off in the forest, and we continued breaking trail up to treeline and finally the summit.

The ski down was through amazing powder at a nice easy angle. My legs were rather shaky and tired, so it was a bit of a struggle. Especially on the treed portion. Back down on the trail, travel was super fast for me. This one isn't much of a luge run, just an easy ski out.