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The trail to Balu Pass ascends slightly above the stream for the length of the drainage.

This is after the new route takes you too high in the forest, then drops down to the original trail. Thanks Parks. I get you wanted it to start at the visitor center to keep an eye on the 4 person restriction, but you couldn't build a trail without a descent on it?

This is a peak in Rogers Pass I wanted to ascend for a long time (like 5 years!), but the 4 person hiking restriction to Balu Pass has always thwarted me.

In my enthusiasm to go here, I may have too hastily recommended Matt could ascend this without giving the actual route photos enough thought.

After a night of partying like we were 20 for our other Matt's bday, Heath and I set out super hung over to Rogers Pass. Found Matt and Sandra's campsite and more or less went to bed.

The next day we all ascended to Balu Pass and up the shoulder of Cheops. Then Sandra waited behind while Heath, Matt, and I continued.

You don't really follow the ridge on this one, but mainly ledges and trails below it. Matt hated quite a bit of it, but made it. Heath and I enjoyed it more or less. The views were amazing!