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After the first few minutes the trail was covered in snow. It was not overly obvious but we managed to follow it into the bowl and up to the ridge. There was a lot of deadfall along the trail and at some points it was quite narrow so that it almost felt like bushwacking when it went between two very close trees.

Due to snowfall over the past week we went for a slightly easier objective this weekend. Since one member of the group had to back in Calgary early we started just before 8:30am, meaning we had to get up around 5am to get out to the trail head in time. Therefore we didn't get to see much of the conditions driving in to the trail head as it was dark.

We followed the directions in the Kananaskis Country Trail Guide by Gillean Daffern, helped by photos in trip reports. The initial turn off of the logging road is easy to find as it is marked by a cairn where you must turn right, and the way straight ahead is blocked by several fallen trees moved to block it. We didn't see any other junctions, but the trail was under snow. I was in the lead the most of the way and I only lost the trail briefly a couple times while we went around deadfall. Otherwise following the trail was helped by a small animal that had followed it earlier and left little tracks along it. Thank you to that animal as in the open sections it was hard to see the slight change in snow shape that outlined the trail.