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Changing a flat tire on the way to Plan A.

Yet another Plan B, when Plan A was blocked by a large tree over the FSR. I bought a saw to keep in the car (since I very well could have been stuck on the other side of the tree!) as soon as I got back. However on this day we had to turn around, then we got a flat tire, and eventually gave up to go up a more friendly FSR. After the tire repair guy told me my tires were rather worn down, and basically begged me not to go up another FSR on them. I just couldn't NOT do it! But I picked the most easy one I could think of! So basically this was all my fault, due to poor planning.

These peaks are in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Near Nelson. They are all easy granite boulder scrambles or walk ups. I was planning on going here the next weekend anyway, so it worked out. A lovely granite playground of waterfalls, tarns, streams and flowers. A type I fun kind of place.