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Almost up to the tea house, this is the first view of the summit since the start of the hike.

This was a hard day for me. On the knife edge ridge I never once looked over the sides, except once on the narrowest part, when my eyes unfocused on the rock ahead of me. I saw the edges out of my peripheries which gave me vertigo, and took a great deal of self control to go back to staring at the rock and not break down right there. I am super terrified of heights needless to say. I just did as told, and focused on where each hand and foot had to go continually and nothing else. The trickiest part was the narrowest bit of the ridge, right before were you climb up a tiny bit to get to the summit. We did that part a cheval. Where you have your legs on either side of the ridge and grip the ridge crest. On the summit I couldn't bring myself to look around at the view too much or I might get scared. And I couldn't think about the terrifying-ness of going back along the ridge. So I just contemplated the cairn. The victory party at the parking lot was great though!