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Starting out from the parking area beside Sol Mountain Lodge.

I drove out on Friday night to Shelter Bay Recreation Site and slept in my SUV again. It's just so much easier solo than setting up a tent, especially after the sun sets.

The next day I drove the rest of the 50km on logging road up to Sol Mountain Lodge.

This was another popular mountain for its area (Monashee Provincial Park). Though you would never know it from the lack of reports/pics online. That is just the way of the west Kootenay's though. I saw three other groups and the register was very full, so it is ascended very often. I approached from the North Fosthall Road and onward to Sol Mountain Lodge. That way you start in the alpine without all that bothersome elevation gain from the Spectrum Lake side. After I parked beside the lodge I checked if it was ok, and it was on that day. The lodge people are very friendly.

The ascent itself is easy with very minimal route finding. There were actually quite a few cairns showing the best path towards the break in the rockband.

After soaking up the view, especially the awesome view north into more of the park I descended. Then I went to do the loop around Mission Ridge and messed it up a bit. But the area is easy off trail hiking regardless. I ended up at Sol Lake eventually, and had a swim. My first alpine lake dip and it was great!