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Starting out at 8:30am (and the parking lot was already 2/3 full!) on the extremely popular Hidden Lake Trail.

Finally got out to Glacier NP Montana. Don't know why it took me so long. I realized its actually closer than Jasper!

We did what is probably the most popular mountain - Mount Reynolds. For good reason, the route is easy, short, leads to fantastic views, has some neat sections, and although the route is not straightforward, it is so heavily used that it is very easy to follow.

On the summit we were talking to the only other party that had bothered to wear helmets and the older man talked us into going over to Dragon's Tail next. I'd seen a picture of the route online but dismissed walking along the endless ledge. However feeling brave at the time, and with plenty of time in the day to spare we gave it a try. It was another easy scramble with great views.