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Mount Indefatigable across the lake as the sun comes up.

First, all my photos are blurry and I couldn't create panorama's because I tried to clean my camera lens and somehow made it worse instead....

Second, yes it is called Rawson Lake Ridge; or just Rawson Ridge, and not Sarrail Ridge. In 2010 Gillean Daffern had the name Rawson Ridge in her Volume 1 Kananaskis Country Trail Guide. In 2011 Andrew Nugara had the name Rawson Ridge in his 1st edition Snowshoe guide. He changed it to Rawson Lake Ridge in his 3rd edition scrambling guide (after Vern changed the name in his trip report it looks like?). Sonny also called it Rawson Ridge in 2012. Someone seems to have gone up and called it the wrong name on instagram and its stuck. But that doesn't make it correct. Rant over. Sorry. I will also acknowledge that I am on instagram, and appreciate it for its good points.

Since the name is stuck, it could possibly be more correct to call the col that everyone hikes to Sarrial Ridge. But the actual high point is definitely Rawson Ridge. Before I'd looked into ascending Rawson Lake Ridge (just before the hike), I hadn't realized that everyone was only going up to a col between Mount Sarrial's northern ridge and Rawson Lake Ridge. Not any high point at all. Which is the silly. Just because I'm a peakbagger doesn't mean that everyone else is.