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Hiking along the road; which was packed down by snowmobiles, towards Willoughby Ridge. The high point in the photo to the left is a far northern outlier, and no where near the summit.
This was a very long trip since we had to park at the York Creek Staging Area as the road wasn't plowed farther. In the summer you can park only 5.4km away from the lookout at the gate. Matt C last spring was able to park only ~7km away because the road was plowed further. York Creek Staging area was ~11km away from the lookout. (If you noticed there is an extra kilometer in my trip stats, that is from a slight detour we accidentally took.)
We didn't get much in the way of views, but it was still a good trip. Good exercise too keep in shape for ski touring, and good conversation.
Running out of winter options closer to home, I had suggested this trip to Raff when he asked what I was doing this weekend. Good thing I picked something far south as it turns out. As he made me stop at the Tim Hortons in Coleman to pick up Becky. A surprise addition to both her and I. She lives down in Lethbridge, so this was closer to her than us. I'd been talking to her on instagram a little bit, so it was good to meet her.