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Up the first steep section. It was heavily treed below. Must have picked up the tick down there. I started a bit farther along the road than most people do.

This peak is in the Ya Ha Tinda area. I took the day off work to climb it solo, because the weather was going to be nice and soon it will snow again. We had previously failed back in February. Today the peak was nice and dry. The scrambly/slabby bits where quite fun. I think I'm getting even better at scrambling.

The day would have been perfect except half way down at a rest break I found tick crawling up my pant leg. I am way more afraid of ticks than bears. After that I ended up side-hill gouging to get to a more open area to descend, rather than take my ascent path. On my alternative descent I could loose a lot of elevation staying away from trees/underbrush for as long as possible.