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Trail map for East Ridge route.

A 14,000er from Colorado we ascended on our road trip.

The highest mountain in the entire Rocky Mountain range.

The highest mountain I've ever climbed. My 90th 'summit' if you include absolutely everything.

No offense to the mountain, Americans, everyone who's also climbed it, etc, but personally I feel like this gentle sloped mountain with two trails to its summit doesn't quite deserve to be the highest in the range. Surely the beautiful, glaciated, and difficult Mount Robson in BC (the highest in the Canadian Rockies and only 447m lower) with a total vertical relief of 2969m (from the highway to the summit) deserves it more (please don't hate on me for this comment).

The hike was a lot of fun. It had excellent views, and it was great to see how I did at such elevation. Which was quite well.