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View of Bellevue Hill (on the right) from near the start of Red Rock parkway. I took Nugara's descent route both up and down (I did have the dog afterall) which is the second ridge in. Therefore this wasn't technically a scramble but rather a hike.

I was summoned for Jury duty on this day, but it got cancelled. Therefore I decided to use the day off to go climb a mountain (of course). Bellevue Hill is in Waterton National Park and it was mostly a pleasant outing with excellent weather and views. There was however, one huge deterrent to my enjoyment of the day: the entire hill was tick infested. I mean it, I pulled off about 20 ticks between myself, the dog, the backpack etc. throughout the day. The scariest was when I opened my gaiters at the car to find one half way through burying itself through the velcro of my gaiters towards my leg. Nasty little creatures.