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Heading towards the hills.

First to get to this hill you need to cross private land if going from the north or east. You must obtain permission first before hiking across private land. Either (I believe) by finding the number and calling, or stopping by their house.

Ok caveat over, this was a very interesting trip. Not in and of itself (of course), as we just climbed a hill with a rock outcropping on it. Not even the highest point on its ridge. It was interesting due to various human factors. Haha. We meant to tag the top of another hill as well, but ran out of time. Trail breaking in some areas took a lot of time and energy. Still it was a really a great trip because of the group. There was much hilarity, some of it making fun of me, but if you can't laugh at yourself there is something wrong with you. It was very fun day out!

Just maybe don't go do it yourself. I mean the actual objective is pretty silly, so why bother the cows and all?