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The hike in was easy and you get this interesting view of where you are going for some of it. It was short and the trail was easy to follow.

On the 9th day of my 1st southern road trip I decided to stop at this popular hot springs in Idaho.

I ate my breakfast and drove up to find Goldbug Hot Springs. A super popular natural hot springs. And for good reason. The views from the pools are amazing, and the various different sized pools make the springs very interesting to begin with. It is a short hike to get in (starting across private land) of 5.8km and 300m.

When I arrived at the parking lot it was crazy full. Which made me wonder if I shouldn't bother, and instead should try to go somewhere else. A group of two couples walked by and we talked a bit, during which they convinced me it was still worth it. I'm very glad they did. I probably would have gone anyway, but I felt better about it after I talked to them. And they were right. Just as we got to the springs a large group was leaving, and there was plenty of room for everyone left in the pools. Most people only stayed less than an hour, so though a lot of people came and went there wasn't any overcrowding.