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Views from the rim trail near Sunset Point.

On the 6th day of my 2nd southern road trip I decided to stop at Bryce Canyon in Utah.

Extremely disappointingly, the government shut down was still ongoing. Bryce was still open, but due to having no paid workers they didn't have as much plowed and open as they normally would in the winter. The road was shut down past sunset point. I had planned to stop at these, and Inspiration and Bryce Points, to take photos. Before doing a hike farther south along the road. That plan went out the window of course.

Getting out of the car at sunset point, I just left with my full winter clothing on, but no backpack, just my camera in my jacket pocket. Thinking to just take some photos, then consider my options. As usually happens with me, I got sucked into hiking all the way along the rim trail to Bryce Point. I thankfully was wearing my icers, but I stupidly didn't have any food or water with me. Nor did I have my tripod.