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Hiking the approach into Hidden Lake.

We did this trip on snow and therefore it was't actually scrambling. I just don't have an section for scrambles done as alpine ascents.

This was a fantastic trip. Just what I needed after failing on Allstones Peak the week before. Dave and Bill set good slow pace, and Dave kicked great steps in the snow. Bill had predicted the snow conditions would be good, and he was right they were perfect! We had a great overnight freeze, and just enough thaw when we got there for good solid steps up. And just enough extra melt on the way down for good plunge steps down. I was only mildly concerned on the snow and not scared like normal on steep slopes! The guys were patient and helpful, and we had amazing views! This peak has it all! The best part was the approach was on trail with no nasty bouldery creekbeds, bushwacking, slabby scree, or side-hilling. The only part that was hard was the crux down climb of the drop in the summit ridge, because of the lack of margin for error in the terrain.