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View of the 'summit' from the start of a cut block about 5 minutes from where the car is parked. Obviously not very impressive.

Slept in before starting of course, but still wanted to start the new year off in the right way with a hike (solo again, Heath has strep throat, although Keara got to come on this one). Mesa Butte is out in a section of Kananaksis Country I had yet to visit, and is also a super short hike, so it works even if you wake up at noon.

Oddly this turned out to be my 100th 'summit'! This is when you include every named 'summit', even things like, well Mesa Butte (and Tunnel Mountain, Mt Stoney Squaw, Missinglink Mountain, you get the picture). Silly that the 100th is the lowest (in its height and elevation gain) of them all so far. Or not, considering what list this is. Now when I get to 100 'real' mountains that will be a celebration!