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Hiking up the road. This was the second switchback. I started to worry about the sanity of doing this as a ski ascent at this point, but stubbornly continued on. Questionable decisions like this, just make for perseverance and hilarity.

I had other ski plans for this weekend that would have involved better practice, but due to a variety of reasons headed south instead. Such as: weather (we got no precipitation overnight down south), an overwhelming desire to car camp (and no I don't mean sleeping in my car non-backpackers; I mean setting up camp beside my car), and the lack of ski crampons available for Heath to buy at MEC (if ski season is over MEC then why doesn't it stop snowing?).

A recent trip report, and other personal accounts, pointed to there being enough snow in this area. As well as the fact that the logging roads should make decent skiing. Plus on Gravenstafel I'd had such a good time, so why not here?