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I took the long way along up this mountain. Up the quaite valley trail past the campground, to this point where you finally turn off to start the real ascent. Why? Because I felt like it. I wasn't sure about the route directly above the highway, it looked slabby. Getting back I found a different trip report and it actually looks super easy, but too late!

I've decided to give these after work hikes a try. Normally I hate starting late, and only slog up Prairie in the evening because "the night is dark and full of terrors!" haha. This year I thought I'd try something new despite my general disinclination. Anyway I started super small with McConnel Point (Razors Edge Peak, Engagment Peak or Biffy Peak -> why so many names for a hill?). And it was really fun! I felt so much better afterwards. Especially because I jogged down the trail on return, managing a really fast round trip time for me. As well I beat the rain by about 10 seconds!