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First view up to Mount Ruault as we near Little Bear Lake. The description of how to get to the faint trail which ascends to this other lake (as opposed to Bear Lake) at the end of the album.

This was the second day of a three day trip to the East Kootenays. We drove down from Radium in the morning to meet Matt and Sandra for this hike.

I had originally told Matt there couldn't be a route when he suggested this peak, without really looking into it. I'd looked at the north ridge on google earth and it didn't look like it would go.

There actually are two routes though. The one we took, that Matt suggested, and I made harder by insisting on side-hilling too far on the way up (then we went down closer to the col). Which goes over a col, down a valley, around the mountain, then up. As well as the north ridge, which is apparently a "fun scramble" according to the people in the register. Someone go do it, so I know if its really fun or actually scary!