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Sherbrooke Lake

The day started out cloudy but I knew from the forecast it would improve and get rid of that cloud covering Mount Nile's summit.

The feeling of fall was indeed in the air (quite violently on Saturday) this weekend. It caused me to change my plans, and I didn’t get a real mountain in. Therefore I decided to take Monday off and savour some good weather before summer leaves.

Mount Niles was the obvious choice as my first solo moderate. It is probably the easiest Kane moderate, and although long is mostly on trail. I wanted something in the Icefields/Yoho area, and have always had my eye on doing this semi-popular peak.

It was a really great outing. Maybe just because I haven’t done anything in the Canadian Rockies for a long while, or maybe because I so eager to soak up the last of summer, I really enjoyed it. The whole approach past the lake, many waterfalls, the creek, and beautiful meadows were gorgeous. The upper section along the karst pavement up to the col was easy, and so was the scrambling (relatively). The views of course, were amazing. Even with the cloud ceiling just touching the tops of the highest peaks. Which is why there are so many pictures.