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After a short hike, along a faint trail on the south side of Noseeum Creek, you get up to the headwall. The walk over to the waterfalls from here is a bit tedious.

I've been wanting to climb this mountain since I saw all the trip reports in the last two years. When I saw on an internet forum that the route was dry already, I decided it was time. I had been sort of planning to do Lougheed this weekend, but with the rain forecasted in the afternoon as much more likely in the front ranges, it seemed like a much better idea to head out farther.

Noseeum Mountain was very scenic, and the route finding was easy due to the number of reports I'd read. The hike was great, except for the gully you ascend to the ridge in. It was terribly loose in the middle and tending to hardpack on the edges. The view from the top of the mountain was amazing though, and totally made up for it.