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Puzzle Peak from the point where the trail drops out of the trees and into the creek bed.

At the time of this trip the backcountry was not closed. However there were various recommendations to limit your activities in the backcountry so as not to overload the health care system during the pandemic. We stayed conservative, but I get that skiing touring isn't necessarily the safest sport.

We all drove separately (no more carpooling). We practiced social distancing by keeping our distance apart to at least 2 meters. I only stop for gas now at the station in my own community. I do not go into any of the small mountain towns.

As long as they will let me, I will go outside. To unpopular places were the trails will not be crowded. Avoiding people by two meters, and being careful while driving there. This will be my last big mountain trip though, for a little while.

The avalanche forecast on this day was mod-low-low and had been for several days before as well. Everything was locked down, and we weren't too worried about stability, but of course always cautious about our terrain choices.

This trip was done with Vern for his trip report click here.