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Not every mountain needs a description of why you picked it, but this one does. Or more like it needs a defense of why I climbed it.... So I've wanted to climb Wendell Mountain East Peak for a while now. Carefully watching reports from other people climbing the Yam to see if it was dry. It was still, but might not be for long.

Tuesday after lunch at home, I went to put back on my shoes to go back to work and found out that they didn't match! I looked everywhere but there were only these two shoes. I got back to work and there were the other two non-matchig pair under my desk! At some point during the day the right shoe had fallen off, and I'd put on the black one without even noticing it felt different. Then walked to my car, drove home, walked up to my apartment and took off both shoes the WHOLE time not noticing they were different!

Well that was the last straw. I needed a day off to climb a mountain! I told my boss I wasn't coming in tomorrow and that was that.