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Mount Kitchener and Snow Dome from the Wilcox trail on the way to the peak.

Matt had invited me to join him on this peak during his camping trip. So again like on Red Man Mountain, I drove out the night before and found their site. The next morning we started up. To be honest I didn't like this mountain. The ascent to the first ridge was awful up and down. The traverse was easy. Then the final ascent up the second ridge was difficult for me, definitely an upper moderate scramble. The snow on the edge of the glacier I took down, was a sun affected crust over facets. It was also not always deep enough to get a good ice axe placement. So no fun either. The only redeeming feature was the views. But with the smoke you couldn't see too much. Still I am of course glad to have had a day out in the mountains. And happy I successfully made it up and down.