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View from the end of the official trail.

I drove all the way up to the Icefields area because I had intended to climb Mt Wilcox. However when I got there it was raining, and looked like it would only get worse. I didn't want to do a moderate scramble on wet rock only for no views.

Parker Ridge seemed like a good alternative. On trail it would be safe in the rain, and it had options to go higher, but options I wouldn't need to take if I didn't want to, since no real summits were available. Plus this is a hike I most likely wont have to repeat. Its not on the way to any summit or backpack, and its too far a drive to take my coworkers to.

The weather did get worse for about two hours then finally got a lot better. It was a nice trip for a rainy day as I got my views anyway, and still got to hike up to the top of the highest point available.