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I'd had a vague plan to come here and do some of the peaks Josée did (Dawn and Holt). It was going to be a 3 day trip. It was moving upwards on the list (partially due to seeing how nice the lakes were on an instagramers blog), but I hadn't made it quite yet. Then Matt invited us to come along this weekend, and with some reports stating the road was only drivable by truck (its not - its very rocky but still easily drivable in just an SUV), and the lack of sun Saturday afternoon in the Rockies I caved and went when I could only go for two days.

I was right it was a three day trip though, so we didn't get any peaks done. But we camped by the lovely lakes in great conditions on Saturday (no bugs, hardly any people etc) so it was very much worth it. Spend an amazing afternoon wandering around taking too many pictures and drinking all the wine. I will come back as a day trip to tag Dawn later.