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Mount Turner from the ski in along the Watridge Lake trail.

I've wanted to do Mount Turner for quite a few years. I forget how long, perhaps since Steven posted it. I figured it was one of the few peaks I can ski up and down. So I was happy to find partners for this one. When forecast for March 13th looked amazing, I got invited on a trip with Robb Schnell and Doug Lutz. Robb ended up not making it due to concerns over frostbite on his feet, but Doug and I thankfully didn't have those issues and perservered to the top. The deproach down the main trail back to the cars turned into a horrible never ending zombie ski in the dark. I was skiing slower and slower each kilometer until I thought I would never make it. The views on this mountain are amazing though and the whole experience was completely and totally worth it.

All photos with me in them were taken by Doug Lutz.