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In 2010 I had made a failed attempt on this mountain. We had just gotten up the scramble section to the upper mountain and the threatening clouds started to look like thunder and lightening. So we turned back.

I hadn't planned on coming back this year, I didn't think enough time had passed to wear off the pain of the long boring approach to the lakes. I did want to ascend the last of the "popular" easy Kane peaks this year. Even though this peak made that list, I didn't think too much about going up it despite that. However in late October after some snow has fallen you don't have a lot of options. Seeing that someone had made it up the previous weekend on a facebook group, I decided to give it a try as the weather looked great. This ascent would be solo, and I felt up to a long easy day.

I left super early and reached Tower Lake pictured here when the morning shadows were still long. I wasn't the first one up though. There was another group ahead of me. They were going up Heather Ridge, so I would have the summit to myself on this day.