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Mount Richardson, Pika, and Ptarmigan from left to right on the way in.

After the snowfall the few days prior to this trip covered everything in a fresh layer of slippery, my original plans fell through naturally and I decided to go to Skoki again instead. A lot of the mountains are rated easy, so they could be done even if the snow didn't melt too fast. Thankfully they still had room for a last minute booking and I was off.

My campground itinerary was Baker Lake then Merlin Meadows. I hoped to scramble some mountains and visit Merlin Lake. I only got up Skoki Mountain, but I did see Merlin Lake, as well as the small lakes just south of Baker Lake. The off trail hiking in that area was very enjoyable, and it was great to see across to Pulsatilla Pass where we had been the year before on the Sawback Range Circuit. So despite the lack of scrambles I had a good trip. The weather was really nice, it was sunny the whole time melting a lot of the snow.