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Hiking along the east bank of the Elbow River towards the exploration road, from the Cobble Flats (general) area where I'd crossed the river. The road will lead me to Quirk Creek

In the spring I had not continued along the connection ridge to Quirk Ridge from Swany's Ridge, on my Îyarhe Îpan trip. Since then, I'd had the feeling on and off that I really should go back. This of course was a very low priority trip for shoulder season. But after leaving the house late due to various reasons, I had to downgrade my original plans for this day, and decided to do this trip. However as much as part of me was looking forward to the ridge, another part was only looking forward to my nap after the whole thing was done...

Due to construction at the Cobble Flats parking I had to hike a bit farther than I planned to follow my route. Being very stubborn (as previously discussed) I decided to stick to my route anyway. I had to park inbetween the Powderface Trail junction and the Cobble Flats turn off. This added about 2km each way. I did find a good place to ford the frigid Elbow River at this point though.