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First day. We went in via the Maccarib Pass trail. This is as the trail goes around Peveril Peak.

Out of all the popular backpacks, I've been saving this one for last because of its reputation for bugs. As far as any book or trip report (from the summer) goes the area is mosquito & black fly infested. We were very lucky and the week before our trip had very cool weather for summer. It rained a bit, and temperature were below average. This must have killed off all the blood suckers because we saw less mosquitoes here than on many a trip to the Rockies. I only remember killing 2-3 that landed on me. That could almost be a record.

We were also rained on ourselves as the cooler weather persisted. It stopped some mountain plans along with generally being lazy and recovering from a cold. Instead we took our time hiking to see all the corners of this area including Outpost Lake and the Penstock Creek area above it, Eremite Valley, and the area between the two lakes. All of the side trips were well worth the trip and I am glad we got to do them. Even over a mountain.