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Crossing Pocket Creek on the first of the two approach roads.

A long, extremely awesome day in great company. This peak in the Livingstone Range made a really interesting, (strenuous), and gorgeous trip at this time of year.

We used Bob Spirko's route, except on the ascent to the ridge we went straight up the left hand side. We did not cross the gully. We ascended the high-point at the crest of the ridge before descending towards the false summit. This as well as other elevation losses between the false and true summits, are the source of the elevation gain differences between my report and Bob's.

As a disclaimer: This is only and easy scramble if dry. This ascent at this time of year, in such a high snow year, required a lot of strenuous post-holing. As well, the final section to the false summit, and some of the ascent between the false and the true summits was closer to mountaineering than scrambling. I at least, was very happy to have crampons and my ice axe.