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Mount Hoffmann from near the parking area. After some detouring to avoid the construction site where they are rebuilding the Indian Oils Bridge (behind schedule!!!) I got to the Sheep River, which I had to cross. It was very easy. The water level is low now.

I wanted to watch both sunset and sunrise from a mountain top, and therefore sleep on it. But I wasn't ready to try this on a real mountain just yet. So I picked a foothill in the Sheep Wilderness Area. Mount Hoffmann offers pretty good views of Shunga-la-she and Gibraltar etc. Although I didn't really see them in the dark. There was also supposed to be Aurora, but that didn't appear while I was wake. I also picked Hoffmann because from Matt C's pictures it looked like it had a nice large flat summit for my tent (I don't own a bivy bag yet).

Why a weeknight? That idea I got from the microadventure concept. Which is a weeknight overnight outdoor adventure that is "small and achievable, for normal people with real lives". Anyway, so that is why a weeknight didn't seem so crazy to me, as opposed to say, Friday night. Haha.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see sunrise because my boss was sick so I couldn't come in late on Friday morning. I woke up super early and hiked (bushwacked) out in the dark to make it to work on time. It was definitely an experience, despite the modest objective. Way to make a foothill feel epic!