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Crossing the Highwood River on a convenient tree.

With the big storm coming up I asked for (yet another) day off work to get one more larch hike in. Thanks to the worlds best boss I got it.

I chose this ridge which seems to be mainly forgotten these days (I know people went a few years ago, but I haven't seen anything recent).

Its a hike from a technical perspective, but it involves a river crossing, a fair amount of route finding, and a lot of elevation gain and loss!

The true high point of the ridge is one of the two points to the east. But although you can see some larches on the sides of those points, the true larchy part of the hike is afterwards as you continue west.

We chose to take both our cars to the trail head (Becky was coming from Lethbridge, so only minor carpooling would have occurred anyway), and shuttle them so we could complete a one way trip. I have to say this was a brilliant idea on my part, as the trail off the ridge on the west side was not overgrown, but easy to follow (overly flagged), and quite nice to hike down.