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Fording the Baird Brook just upriver of where the old bridge used to be.

First day we then hiked up the trail along Spillimacheen Creek.

Long weekends are for long objectives! We joined the mass exodus of Albertans to BC for a three day backpack.

This was a lovely trip through gorgeous alpine meadows and fantastic views of the backside of the Sir Donald range. Lots of glacier and peaks to stare at, but no hard hiking at all. Not much slogging either as I found most of the route up the Spilli quite nice.

As we were driving in on Canada day we didn't see any logging trucks. When we went out it was 8am on a Sunday and again we didn't see any logging trucks. A very good thing I am sure.

This was a good weekend to go up there for one reason. The lodge was still closed. It opens next weekend. We wouldn't 'disturb' the lodge guests. Or more like we wouldn't be disturbed by them!

Also the route up Copperstain was just passable without having to do harder scrambling, and the meadows were just dried out enough to be enjoyable. Great doing something just in condition when you know lots of other things still are not.