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Looking back after crossing the Elbow River just above the whole Elbow Falls area.

For my second trip this weekend I picked something very easy. I've been eyeing this peak the couple of times I descended Prairie in the daylight. I was originally deterred by the river crossing and the steepness of the ascent. However I was told the river crossing wasn't that bad, and how steep could it really be?

The river crossing was easy on a bunch of logs on the way in, and also wading on the way back. It was steep though. I decided to go for a loop and include Swany's Ridge to the east as well. Didn't really have time for Quirk Ridge to the south unfortunately, because I wasn't sure how long my alternative route back would take, and I'd started so late (slept in till 11am). And the return along the Elbow River did take a lot longer than I felt it should. But then I did lose the proper trail. Still made it back though.