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The well road, which leads to within 750 meters of the summit.

Another after work trip. Mostly biking. This is not a mountain. It is a hill. I'm not really sure why its named at all. The best part was ripping down the well road after ascending it. I got to 33km/h according to ViewRanger. Which is fast for someone who hates going fast.

A "peak" only a true peakbagger would even call a peak, never mind attempt.... I only did it to "complete" all the named hills in the McLean Creek PLUZ. I am now done. I have no idea why that was a thing. But now I won't have the option of making myself snowshoe it in the winter, instead of practicing skiing. I promise my next after work hike will be more interesting....

Also, how did you end up on this page (M.C. excluded) anyway? Go back to whatever list of peaks you came from, and choose something more interesting to read! I promise almost anything you pick will be better.