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The start of the ridge. Terminator 1 (T1) to the left, and Terminator 2 (T2) to the right. You can also see the via ferrata bridge spanning a gully on T1.

Feeling rather lazy on Monday, despite the perfect weather we decided to let a gondola sweep us up to the top of a ridge before we hiked it.

The stupid gondola was down for an hour after we bought the tickets while they did a minor repair (they could have done before anyone arrived). So we played the same game Sonny did when stuck on it after the same hike. I don't know if I would have remained that calm in his situation! Our situation was just a minor annoyance. Though it did make me question plans to do the Dogtooth Traverse. We only got to ~O by the time the gondola started back up, and we played the rest of game as we hiked. Getting to Z just at the time we got back down the gondola!